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sinonimi di perceive
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Vocabolario e frasi
L'estasi letèa cessò. Le mani del timoniere si rinnervarono e riappresero l'arte. Egli scorse una nave che gli intersecava la rotta navigando a ostro levante; la raggiunse, in calata verso il clamore che saliva dai marinai e dai passeggeri assembrati in coperta; sorpassò, si risollevò. Il tono della raggiera ignita era pieno ed eguale; l'astro mordace dell'elica trivellava l'aria infaticabilmente; l'equilibrio tra ala ed ala, tra becco e coda era costante. La lieve brezza di ponente spirava senza colpi né salti ne nodi; il mare mutava colore qua e là, simile a un drappo broccato. Ma ora il silenzio era pieno del rombo, che il volatore ascoltava di continuo nell'attesa della prima pausa. La solitudine era tutta d'acqua e d'aria, senza una vela, senza un filo di fumo, senza una linea di terra. Gli parve di percepire una pausa nella raggiera, poi un'altra, poi più altre intermesse. Vigilò il suo cuore, con un sorriso nella mente: il ritmo interno s'era accelerato. «Che farci se l'Àrdea in questa bonaccia rimanesse a galla per qualche tempo? Dovrei attendere o cercare di colarla a fondo?» Il tono ridiveniva pieno. Il vento rinfrescava; il soffio intaccava l'acqua e la copriva di squame; appariva lontano una zona sempre più cupa.(D'Annunzio - Forse che sì forse che no)
– Colpi, – rispose Papiano, – o battuti sul tavolino o su le seggiole o altrove o anche fatti percepire per via di toccamenti. ( Pirandello - Il fu Mattia Pascal )
* Guardavo istupidito quel maledetto libretto troppo sottile per farsi percepire durante il giorno con la sua pressione e non ci pensavo più sino alla sera appresso .(I.Svevo - La coscienza di zeno)*
= incapacità di percepire i colori , che sono visti come diversa gradazione di grigio .
= coscienza di percepire
= alterazione della capacità di percepire i colori .
= verbo trans .
= aspirare col naso per percepire odori
= senso che permette di percepire e distinguere i sapori
= verbo transitivo , udire , percepire
= verbo transitivo , percepire , riscuotere , incassare .
= che si può percepire<>
= che si può percepire , distinguere , riconoscere<>
= facoltà , capacità di percepire .<>
= solo nell'espressione giuridica frutti percipiendi , quelli ancora da percepire .<>
= la facoltà , propria degli organismi animali , di percepire gli stimoli esterni o interni mediante le strutture sensoriali e sensitive ,
= atto a sentire , a percepire attraverso i sensi ,
= sincretistico , in grammatica , caso che , oltre alla propria funzione , esprime anche quella che era propria di uno o più casi scomparsi 3 percezione sincretica , in psicologia infantile e in pedagogia , l'attitudine a percepire gli oggetti esterni nella loro globalità , piuttosto che in modo distinto e analit ,
= verbo transitivo percepire suoni per mezzo dell'orecchio
= l'udire , il percepire chiaramente i suoni
= verbo transitivo percepire con l'occhio
= potere visivo , capacità dell'apparato visivo di percepire immagini distinte
Vocabolario e frasi
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) Mr. Darcy stood near them in silent indignation at such a mode ofpassing the evening, to the exclusion of all conversation, and was toomuch engrossed by his thoughts to perceive that Sir William Lucas washis neighbour, till Sir William thus began:"What a charming amusement for young people this is, Mr. Darcy! Thereis nothing like dancing after all.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) Mr. Darcy smiled; but Elizabeth thought she could perceive that he wasrather offended, and therefore checked her laugh.<>
Atthat moment, Sir William Lucas appeared close to them, meaning to passthrough the set to the other side of the room; but on perceiving Mr.Darcy, he stopped with a bow of superior courtesy to compliment him onhis dancing and his partner.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) In vain did Elizabeth endeavour to check the rapidity of her mother'swords, or persuade her to describe her felicity in a less audiblewhisper; for, to her inexpressible vexation, she could perceive that thechief of it was overheard by Mr. Darcy, who sat opposite to them.<>
She talked on, therefore, without interruption from any ofthem, till they were joined by Mr. Collins, who entered the room withan air more stately than usual, and on perceiving whom, she said tothe girls, "Now, I do insist upon it, that you, all of you, holdyour tongues, and let me and Mr. Collins have a little conversationtogether.<>
It was Mr. Collins's picture of Hunsford andRosings rationally softened; and Elizabeth perceived that she must waitfor her own visit there to know the rest.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) Elizabeth soon perceived, that though this great lady was not incommission of the peace of the county, she was a most active magistratein her own parish, the minutest concerns of which were carried to herby Mr. Collins; and whenever any of the cottagers were disposed tobe quarrelsome, discontented, or too poor, she sallied forth into thevillage to settle their differences, silence their complaints, and scoldthem into harmony and plenty.<>
From that moment I observed my friend's behaviourattentively; and I could then perceive that his partiality for MissBennet was beyond what I had ever witnessed in him.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) Chapter 39It was the second week in May, in which the three young ladies set outtogether from Gracechurch Street for the town of ----, in Hertfordshire;and, as they drew near the appointed inn where Mr. Bennet's carriagewas to meet them, they quickly perceived, in token of the coachman'spunctuality, both Kitty and Lydia looking out of a dining-room up stairs.<>
"But surely," said she, "I may enter his county with impunity,and rob it of a few petrified spars without his perceiving me.<>
Elizabeth longed to explore its windings; but when they had crossed thebridge, and perceived their distance from the house, Mrs.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) However little Mr. Darcy might have liked such an address, he contentedhimself with coolly replying that he perceived no other alteration thanher being rather tanned, no miraculous consequence of travelling in thesummer.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) She had never perceived, while the regiment was in Hertfordshire, thatLydia had any partiality for him; but she was convinced that Lydiawanted only encouragement to attach herself to anybody.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) Then, perceiving in Elizabeth no inclination of replying, she added,"Unhappy as the event must be for Lydia, we may draw from it this usefullesson: that loss of virtue in a female is irretrievable; that onefalse step involves her in endless ruin; that her reputation is no lessbrittle than it is beautiful; and that she cannot be too much guarded inher behaviour towards the undeserving of the other sex.<>
Jane was anxious that nodifference should be perceived in her at all, and was really persuadedthat she talked as much as ever.<>
On opening the door, she perceived hersister and Bingley standing together over the hearth, as if engaged inearnest conversation; and had this led to no suspicion, the faces ofboth, as they hastily turned round and moved away from each other, wouldhave told it all.<>
(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) Chapter 56One morning, about a week after Bingley's engagement with Jane had beenformed, as he and the females of the family were sitting together in thedining-room, their attention was suddenly drawn to the window, by thesound of a carriage; and they perceived a chaise and four driving upthe lawn.<>
I told him, moreover, that I believed myselfmistaken in supposing, as I had done, that your sister was indifferentto him; and as I could easily perceive that his attachment to her wasunabated, I felt no doubt of their happiness together.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) Now Mr. Winkle had opened his eyes, and his ears too, when he heard hisadversary call out for a cessation of hostilities; and perceiving bywhat he had afterwards said that there was, beyond all question, somemistake in the matter, he at once foresaw the increase of reputation heshould inevitably acquire by concealing the real motive of his comingout; he therefore stepped boldly forward, and said--'I am not the person.<>
Mr. Pickwick gazed through his spectacles for an instant on theadvancing mass, and then fairly turned his back and--we will not sayfled; firstly, because it is an ignoble term, and, secondly, because Mr.Pickwick's figure was by no means adapted for that mode of retreat--hetrotted away, at as quick a rate as his legs would convey him; soquickly, indeed, that he did not perceive the awkwardness of hissituation, to the full extent, until too late.<>
Mr. Jingle perceived it, and followed up his advantage.<>
Youare, sir, I perceive, a man of sense and talent,' said Mr. Pott, almostbreathless with the vehemence of his patriotic declaration.<>
It's someboarding-school in this town, I suppose, ain't it?' Now, although thisquestion was put in the most careless tone imaginable, Mr. Job Trotterplainly showed by gestures that he perceived his new friend's anxiety todraw forth an answer to it.<>
Dodson & Fogg,two of his Majesty's attorneys of the courts of King's Bench and CommonPleas at Westminster, and solicitors of the High Court of Chancery--theaforesaid clerks catching as favourable glimpses of heaven's light andheaven's sun, in the course of their daily labours, as a man mighthope to do, were he placed at the bottom of a reasonably deep well; andwithout the opportunity of perceiving the stars in the day-time, whichthe latter secluded situation affords.<>
Magnus, you will perceive, sir--Magnus ismy name.<>
As the green gate wasclosed behind him, and there was no other outlet but the one in front,however, he was not long in perceiving that he must pass Mr. SamuelWeller to get away.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) When the executive perceived that Mr. Pickwick and his friends weredisposed to resist the authority of the law, they very significantlyturned up their coat sleeves, as if knocking them down in the firstinstance, and taking them up afterwards, were a mere professional actwhich had only to be thought of to be done, as a matter of course.<>
The moment he saw him eat, all doubt onthe subject was removed, and he perceived at once that if he purposedto take up his temporary quarters where he was, he must make his footinggood without delay.<>
Mr. Pickwick emerges from his coat collar, and looksabout him with great curiosity; perceiving which, the coachman informsMr. Pickwick of the name of the town, and tells him it was market-dayyesterday, both of which pieces of information Mr. Pickwick retails tohis fellow-passengers; whereupon they emerge from their coat collarstoo, and look about them also.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) Mr. Tupman had witnessed this process in silent astonishment, whenJackson, turning sharply upon him, said--'I think I ain't mistaken when I say your name's Tupman, am I?'Mr. Tupman looked at Mr. Pickwick; but, perceiving no encouragement inthat gentleman's widely-opened eyes to deny his name, said--'Yes, my name is Tupman, Sir.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) 'When King Lud saw the prince his son, and found he had grown up such afine young man, he perceived what a grand thing it would be to havehim married without delay, so that his children might be the means ofperpetuating the glorious race of Lud, down to the very latest ages ofthe world.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) This figure was the first to perceive that Mr. Pickwick was lookingon; upon which he winked to the Zephyr, and entreated him, with mockgravity, not to wake the gentleman.<>
Mr. Pickwick easily perceived that hisrecklessness was assumed, and looking him full, but not unkindly, in theface, saw that his eyes were moist with tears.<>
Raddle gave unequivocal signs offainting; which, being perceived from the parlour window, Mrs.<>
My uncle was justgoing to step forward, and shake it heartily, when he perceived thatthese attentions were directed, not towards him, but to a young lady whojust then appeared at the foot of the steps, attired in an old-fashionedgreen velvet dress with a long waist and stomacher.<>
Why, does not the crawling creature see,that even if this be the fact, the Honourable Mr. Slumkey only appearsin a still more amiable and radiant light than before, if that bepossible? Does not even his obtuseness perceive that this amiable andtouching desire to carry out the wishes of the constituent body, mustfor ever endear him to the hearts and souls of such of his fellowtownsmen as are not worse than swine; or, in other words, who are not asdebased as our contemporary himself? But such is the wretched trickeryof hole-and-corner Buffery! These are not its only artifices.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) Mr. Pickwick, perceiving that there was some embarrassment on the oldgentleman's part, affected to be engaged in cutting the leaves of a bookthat lay beside him, and waited patiently until Mr. Weller should arriveat the object of his visit.<>
You steppedoutside for a moment, as shopmen often do, to make sure of what hemeant; and in that moment of time he perceived in the inner room therazor you had just laid down, and the yellow-white head of Sir Arthurin the barber's chair; probably both glimmering in the light of thatlittle window beyond.<>
Coniugazione:3 - percepire
Ausiliare:avere transitivo
io percepisco
tu percepisci
egli percepisce
noi percepiamo
voi percepite
essi percepiscono
io percepivo
tu percepivi
egli percepiva
noi percepivamo
voi percepivate
essi percepivano
Passato remoto
io percepii
tu percepisti
egli percepì
noi percepimmo
voi percepiste
essi percepirono
Passato prossimo
io ho percepito
tu hai percepito
egli ha percepito
noi abbiamo percepito
voi avete percepito
essi hanno percepito
Trapassato prossimo
io avevo percepito
tu avevi percepito
egli aveva percepito
noi avevamo percepito
voi avevate percepito
essi avevano percepito
Trapassato remoto
io ebbi percepito
tu avesti percepito
egli ebbe percepito
noi avemmo percepito
voi eveste percepito
essi ebbero percepito
Futuro semplice
io percepirò
tu percepirai
egli percepirà
noi percepiremo
voi percepirete
essi percepiranno
Futuro anteriore
io avrò percepito
tu avrai percepito
egli avrà percepito
noi avremo percepito
voi avrete percepito
essi avranno percepito
che io percepisca
che tu percepisca
che egli percepisca
che noi percepiamo
che voi percepiate
che essi percepiscano
che io abbia percepito
che tu abbia percepito
che egli abbia percepito
che noi abbiamo percepito
che voi abbiate percepito
che essi abbiano percepito
che io percepissi
che tu percepissi
che egli percepisse
che noi percepissimo
che voi percepiste
che essi percepissero
che io avessi percepito
che tu avessi percepito
che egli avesse percepito
che noi avessimo percepito
che voi aveste percepito
che essi avessero percepito
io percepirei
tu percepiresti
egli percepirebbe
noi percepiremmo
voi percepireste
essi percepirebbero
io avrei percepito
tu avresti percepito
egli avrebbe percepito
noi avremmo percepito
voi avreste percepito
essi avrebbero percepito
INFINITO - attivo
avere percepito
GERUNDIO - attivo
avendo percepito
INDICATIVO - passivo
io sono percepito
tu sei percepito
egli é percepito
noi siamo percepiti
voi siete percepiti
essi sono percepiti
io ero percepito
tu eri percepito
egli era percepito
noi eravamo percepiti
voi eravate percepiti
essi erano percepiti
Passato remoto
io fui percepito
tu fosti percepito
egli fu percepito
noi fummo percepiti
voi foste percepiti
essi furono percepiti
Passato prossimo
io sono stato percepito
tu sei stato percepito
egli é stato percepito
noi siamo stati percepiti
voi siete stati percepiti
essi sono stati percepiti
Trapassato prossimo
io ero stato percepito
tu eri stato percepito
egli era stato percepito
noi eravamo stati percepiti
voi eravate stati percepiti
essi erano statipercepiti
Trapassato remoto
io fui stato percepito
tu fosti stato percepito
egli fu stato percepito
noi fummo stati percepiti
voi foste stati percepiti
essi furono stati percepiti
Futuro semplice
io sarò percepito
tu sarai percepito
egli sarà percepito
noi saremo percepiti
voi sarete percepiti
essi saranno percepiti
Futuro anteriore
io sarò stato percepito
tu sarai stato percepito
egli sarà stato percepito
noi saremo stati percepiti
voi sarete stati percepiti
essi saranno stati percepiti
che io sia percepito
che tu sia percepito
che egli sia percepito
che noi siamo percepiti
che voi siate percepiti
che essi siano percepiti
che io sia stato percepito
che tu sia stato percepito
che egli sia stato percepito
che noi siamo stati percepiti
che voi siate stati percepiti
che essi siano stati percepiti
che io fossi percepito
che tu fossi percepito
che egli fosse percepito
che noi fossimo percepiti
che voi foste percepiti
che essi fossero percepiti
che io fossi stato percepito
che tu fossi stato percepito
che egli fosse stato percepito
che noi fossimo stati percepiti
che voi foste stati percepiti
che essi fossero stati percepiti
io sarei percepito
tu saresti percepito
egli sarebbe percepito
noi saremmo percepiti
voi sareste percepiti
essi sarebbero percepiti
io sarei stato percepito
tu saresti stato percepito
egli sarebbe stato percepito
noi saremmo stati percepiti
voi sareste stati percepiti
essi sarebbero stati percepiti
IMPERATIVO - passivo
sii percepito
sia percepito
siamo percepiti
siate percepiti
siano percepiti
sarai percepito
sarà percepito
saremo percepiti
sarete percepiti
saranno percepiti
INFINITO - passivo
essere percepito
essere stato percepito
PARTICIPIO - passivo
GERUNDIO - passivo
essendo percepito
essendo stato percepito
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