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sinonimi di cloud
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Vocabolario e frasi
= verbo trans. offuscare con nebbia , oscurare , ottenebrare<>
= verbo trans. avvolgere nelle tenebre ottenebrare .<>
= verbo transitivo , , intenebrarsi
= verbo rifl. ottenebrare , ottenebrarsi . <>
= participio passato di ottenebrare - oscuro <>
Vocabolario e frasi
He describes himself as beingsurrounded on every side, when he could catch a glimpse of the scene,by angry and ferocious countenances, by a vast cloud of dust, and by adense crowd of combatants.<>
His doubts were speedily dispelled, however; for the stout man havingblown a thick cloud from his pipe, a hoarse voice, like some strangeeffort of ventriloquism, emerged from beneath the capacious shawls whichmuffled his throat and chest, and slowly uttered these sounds--'Wy,Sammy!Who's that, Sam?' inquired Mr. Pickwick.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) 'Let the Summer sun to his bright home run, He shall never be sought by me; When he's dimmed by a cloud I can laugh aloud And care not how sulky he be! For his darling child is the madness wild That sports in fierce fever's train; And when love is too strong, it don't last long, As many have found to their pain.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) '"And now," said the king, fantastically poking the taper corner of hissugar-loaf hat into the sexton's eye, and thereby occasioning him themost exquisite pain; "and now, show the man of misery and gloom, a fewof the pictures from our own great storehouse!"'As the goblin said this, a thick cloud which obscured the remoter endof the cavern rolled gradually away, and disclosed, apparently at agreat distance, a small and scantily furnished, but neat and cleanapartment.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) 'Again the light cloud passed across the picture, and again the subjectchanged.<>
The cloud settled upon the picture, andconcealed it from the sexton's view.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) 'At these words, the cloud was dispelled, and a rich and beautifullandscape was disclosed to view--there is just such another, to thisday, within half a mile of the old abbey town.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) 'Many a time the cloud went and came, and many a lesson it taught toGabriel Grub, who, although his shoulders smarted with pain from thefrequent applications of the goblins' feet thereunto, looked on with aninterest that nothing could diminish.<>
No sooner had he formed it, thanthe cloud which had closed over the last picture, seemed to settle onhis senses, and lull him to repose.<>
( Dickens The Pickwick papers ) Notwithstanding the highly satisfactory nature of all thesearrangements, there was a cloud on the countenance of Mr. Bob Sawyer, ashe sat by the fireside.<>
Here, four or five great hulkingfellows, just visible through a cloud of tobacco smoke, were engagedin noisy and riotous conversation over half-emptied pots of beer, orplaying at all-fours with a very greasy pack of cards.<>
Confound and curse it! if one gentleman under a cloud is not toput himself a little out of the way to assist another gentleman in thesame condition, what's human nature?'Thus spake Mr. Smangle, edging himself meanwhile as near as possibleto the portmanteau, and beaming forth looks of the most fervent anddisinterested friendship.<>
anvil cloud
= nube temporalesca a incudine ,
bank of cloud
= banco di nubi ,
cumulus cloud
= cumulo, nube cumulus ,
every cloud has a silver lining
= ogni cosa ha il suo lato buono, non tutto il male viene per nuocere ,
had a cloud on one's brow
= avuto la fronte rannuvolata,
has a cloud on one's brow
= ha la fronte rannuvolata,
have a cloud on one's brow
= avere la fronte rannuvolata,
having a cloud on one's brow
= avendo la fronte rannuvolata,
on cloud nine
= al settimo cielo,
under a cloud
= in disgrazia , screditato , depresso , giù di corda , oggetto di sospetti ,
under a cloud of canvas
= con tutte le vele spiegate ,
Coniugazione:1 - ottenebrare
Ausiliare:avere transitivo
io ottenebro
tu ottenebri
egli ottenebra
noi ottenebriamo
voi ottenebrate
essi ottenebrano
io ottenebravo
tu ottenebravi
egli ottenebrava
noi ottenebravamo
voi ottenebravate
essi ottenebravano
Passato remoto
io ottenebrai
tu ottenebrasti
egli ottenebrò
noi ottenebrammo
voi ottenebraste
essi ottenebrarono
Passato prossimo
io ho ottenebrato
tu hai ottenebrato
egli ha ottenebrato
noi abbiamo ottenebrato
voi avete ottenebrato
essi hanno ottenebrato
Trapassato prossimo
io avevo ottenebrato
tu avevi ottenebrato
egli aveva ottenebrato
noi avevamo ottenebrato
voi avevate ottenebrato
essi avevano ottenebrato
Trapassato remoto
io ebbi ottenebrato
tu avesti ottenebrato
egli ebbe ottenebrato
noi avemmo ottenebrato
voi eveste ottenebrato
essi ebbero ottenebrato
Futuro semplice
io ottenebrerò
tu ottenebrerai
egli ottenebrerà
noi ottenebreremo
voi ottenebrerete
essi ottenebreranno
Futuro anteriore
io avrò ottenebrato
tu avrai ottenebrato
egli avrà ottenebrato
noi avremo ottenebrato
voi avrete ottenebrato
essi avranno ottenebrato
che io ottenebri
che tu ottenebri
che egli ottenebri
che noi ottenebriamo
che voi ottenebriate
che essi ottenebrino
che io abbia ottenebrato
che tu abbia ottenebrato
che egli abbia ottenebrato
che noi abbiamo ottenebrato
che voi abbiate ottenebrato
che essi abbiano ottenebrato
che io ottenebrassi
che tu ottenebrassi
che egli ottenebrasse
che noi ottenebrassimo
che voi ottenebraste
che essi ottenebrassero
che io avessi ottenebrato
che tu avessi ottenebrato
che egli avesse ottenebrato
che noi avessimo ottenebrato
che voi aveste ottenebrato
che essi avessero ottenebrato
io ottenebrerei
tu ottenebreresti
egli ottenebrerebbe
noi ottenebreremmo
voi ottenebrereste
essi ottenebrerebbero
io avrei ottenebrato
tu avresti ottenebrato
egli avrebbe ottenebrato
noi avremmo ottenebrato
voi avreste ottenebrato
essi avrebbero ottenebrato
INFINITO - attivo
essersi ottenebrato
GERUNDIO - attivo
avendo ottenebrato
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