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(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) "You appear to me, Mr. Darcy, to allow nothing for the influence offriendship and affection.

(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) When the dancing recommenced, however, and Darcy approached to claim herhand, Charlotte could not help cautioning her in a whisper, not to be asimpleton, and allow her fancy for Wickham to make her appear unpleasantin the eyes of a man ten times his consequence.

(Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice ) "And never allow yourself to be blinded by prejudice?""I hope not.

You must therefore allow me tofollow the dictates of my conscience on this occasion, which leads me toperform what I look on as a point of duty.

Youwould have been less amiable in my eyes had there not been this littleunwillingness; but allow me to assure you, that I have your respectedmother's permission for this address.

First, that you will allow me the free use of my understanding on thepresent occasion; and secondly, of my room.

Bennet, with great politeness and cordiality,said how happy they should be to see him at Longbourn again, wheneverhis engagements might allow him to visit them.

After waiting at home every morningfor a fortnight, and inventing every evening a fresh excuse for her, thevisitor did at last appear; but the shortness of her stay, and yet more,the alteration of her manner would allow Jane to deceive herself nolonger.