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 Es. amatus sum/puer (in latin: j=i) EspaƱol
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Analysis of Latin phrases word by word
contabesco = contabescere: Verbo regolare, forma:attiva
translation:disfarsi, consumarsi, intr.,
  (eng) = waste away, be consumed,

INDICATIVE Presentmeaning
ego contabescoI waste away
tu contabescisyou waste away
ille contabescithe/she/it wastes away
nos contabescimuswe waste away
vos contabescitis waste away
illi contabescuntthey waste away
Conjugation of the verb: contabesco, contabescis, contabui, _, contabescĕre
conjugation : 3 - intransitivo - attiva
- INDICATIVE - Present - 1 pers. sing.
disfarsi, consumarsi,    intr.,
  (eng) = waste away,

be consumed,